The Reading Promenade was developed as part of the Tel Aviv Municipality's goal of "removing all obstacles and developing the shoreline as a continuous and open boardwalk, from the Wauchope Bridge to the northern end of the Tel Baruch beach. The fences separating the area from the rest of the shoreline, emanating a "forbidden city" feel, were removed and replaced by a promenade, a bridge over the Electric Company dock, a seashore park with shoreline vegetation that brought the abandoned areas together, consolidating them into a vibrantly active continuum. The formerly "hidden" spot became a place to enjoy spacious peace in the heart of the busy city and provides an escape from the noise and tumult. A sanctuary of nature was created in the heart of the city, adding to its diverse range of colors.

Client: Israel Electric Company / Tel Aviv Jaffa Municipality
Leading Team: Alisa Braudo, Ruth Maoz, Hadas sharir
Project Manager: Moshe Leibovitz I.E.C / Sagibar Ltd.
Contractor: Rolider Ltd/ S.H.N.Carmeli Ltd./ Einav Hetz Ltd.

Opening year: 2010