Ariel Sharon Park- Master Plan – Phase 1- As part of the drainage and landscape plan

Ariel Sharon Park is one of the two big metropolitan parks in the central area of Israel. It is located on the southern part of Tel-Aviv and Ramat-Gan, and is surrounded by the cities of Holon, Azur and Or-Yehuda.

Our office was part of the multi-disciplinary team, headed by Latz + Partner from Germany, that designed the Masterplan. The goal of the plan was to combine the drainage solution for the flood problems in southern Tel-Aviv, with a lively park that will serve the habitants of the metropolis. The vision of the masterplan is to create an ecological park that will deal with rehabilitation of habitats, preserving and enhancing natural values, and applying ecological method as part of an educational goal.

Phase 1 of the park is now on its way to execution, as part of the 4th rail in the Ayalon corridor, and as part of drainage plan for the Ayalon basin. This phase is the basic structure of the park, and includes huge earthworks, digging of the retention lake, promenade, plazas, viewpoints, trees, rehabilitation of the wadi slopes, vegetation, pathways, bridges, and bike-path.

Client: Ariel Sharon Park in cooperation with -IROADS -Netivei Israel.

Master Plan: Latz+Partner

Leading Team: Alisa Braudo, Ruth Maoz, Shlomit Zilberman

Project Manager: Hapat

Year of Execution: 2021