The 90-road Promenade is part of a larger vision to the southern area of the dead sea.

The project was executed as part of the Dead Sea Protection Project that considers the touristic, industrial, and environmental aspects.

More about the wider project can be found in the site of The Dead Sea Preservation Government Company Ltd.

The 90-road promenade consists of a 4 km pedestrian pathway and a bicycle path. Shade structures are located along the way in selected viewpoints. A stone sculpture garden was designed and constructed on a large berm that was created to protect the road.

Client: The Dead Sea Preservation Government Company Ltd.

Masterplan Architect: Amos Brandeis

Leading Team: Alisa Braudo, Ruth Maoz, Moshe Daly

Project Manager: Epstein Ltd.

Contractor: A.M.Z Shemesh

Year of completion: 2017