The new promenade recently built along the Dead Sea shoreline around the Ein Bokek area is part of a vision of rehabilitating and upgrading the tourist area on the southern bank of the sea.

The project is part of the protection, rehabilitation, and development of the Dead Sea by Heli (The Dead Sea Preservation Government Company) and is based on a comprehensive plan for restoring the entire southern bank. The promenade along the existing shorelines will span 13 kilometers.

The stretch of shore, used mainly by the hotels until now, has become open and accessible to the public. As part of the new plan, the beaches have been widened and their height adjusted to the planned final waterline. The choice of material was made in appropriation with the natural environment and is compatible with the colors of the sea, the shore, and the cliffs that overlook the entire area.

As part of this development, we designed shade structures over the paths, toilet buildings, and shaded seating areas. In addition, infrastructure works were executed to improve accessibility for the handicapped, including the widening of paths, construction of designated ramps, and placement of benches with the creation of accessible access points for the water.

Project commissioned by: The Dead Sear Preservation Government Company Ltd.

Architect of Master Plan and National Infrastructure Plan 35: Amos Brandeis Architecture and Regional Planning Ltd.

Landscape architecture: Braudo-Maoz Landscape Architecture Ltd.