Every mayor in Israel, today, knows that his city needs a good Skatepark.

Every mayor understands that this is the most effective and promising way to reach the youth of his city.

The mayor of Bat-Yam also understood the importance of the event and a great skeet park is establishing now as part of the Sea Observation Park.

The entire park is located at the most beautiful area of the city near the beach on an area of about 100 dunams. The Park is in the highest place in the city that was once a landfill site and becomes one of the most attractive places for residents of the city and the surrounding area.

The skate park is built on about 1600 square meters and contain all the important and necessary elements for surfing by amateurs and professionals.

The park's design emphasized that the surfing spaces be best integrated into the green environment. The concrete surfaces that characterize such a park are combined with "green fingers" that soften the rigid appearance and create a buffer to prevent the use of fences. It leaves the space open and pleasant.

The northern entrance to the park is also the entrance of the Skate Park, a gathering place for the surfers and  those who come to see what's happening. Grassy hills have been erected around the concrete that allow sitting and watching. The Park is accessible and allows everyone to enjoy it.

 Client: Bat-Yam Municipality

Architects in charge: Ruth Maoz, Alisa Braudo, Moshe Dali

Management: Adi Hadar

Skate-park Counselor: Avi Luzia