The 700 meters long segment on the north shore of the Yarkon River near the rivermouth was the last to be developed north of the Wachop bridge , thus creating a continuum for walking and riding along the river as well as the connection to the seashore.

On this part of the promenade, we separated the bicycle path from the pedestrian path for the benefit of all, installed pergolas and seating areas, resulting in a place that is lively and active throughout almost all hours of the day. As this segment is far enough from the sea, the development of the trees is more successful than in other areas along the seashore, allowing for a multitude of pleasant shady areas along the promenade.

Client: Tel Aviv Jaffa Municipality /  Atarim Project Development Corp. 
Leading Team: Alisa Braudo, Ruth Maoz, Moshe Dali
Project Manager: Rami Livnat
Contractor:  Eran Livni