The Municipality of Holon – the city of children – has built parks around the city based on famous children's stories that come to life through sculptures and landscape architecture. Our firm planned the park based on the tale by Rafael Saporta's book of poems, "Gan Gurim" (Puppy Garden).

The sculptor we chose to embody the spirit of the poems was Aharale Ben Aryeh. Surrounding the elephant sculptures, which are also playground installations, we developed an "extreme" playground with uniquely challenging wood and wire facilities.

The playground is surrounded with paths and vegetation, and we left a mound of sand for spontaneous play, as a memory of the sand dunes that were so typical of the area before the mass construction began.

The park is situated in the midst of a busy neighborhood, and its accessible paths connect a few blocks and buildings.

Client: Holon Municipality

Leading Team: Ruth Maoz, Alisa Braudo, Shlomit Zilberman

Management: Arieh Sholmon

Opening year: 2013