In order to connect the University train station with the Tel Aviv University campus, we designed a promenade of 700 meters long, parallel to the sandstone cliffs on which the University is situated. This segment is part of the larger system of boardwalks to its north and south, which will connect the space with Ganei-Yehoshua Park in the South, Kakal Street in the North, and, in the future, will create a connection to the beach.

This promenade is located at the highest point in Tel Aviv and provides a view of a breathtaking vista all the way to the Judea Mountains. Along the promenade observation decks with seating and rest areas were created for the purpose of gazing out into the scenery. The promenade is shaded by trees and furnished with balconies, over which pergolas provide shade for the observers.

In the future, these balconies will feature various installations reflecting the University, with its various departmental activities and local atmosphere.

Client: Tel-Aviv University / Tel Aviv Jaffa Municipality
Leading Team: Alisa Braudo, Ruth Maoz, Shlomit Zilberman
Project Manager: Plitman Reich Ltd.
Contractor: Rolider Ltd.

Opening year: 2013