The Jaffa Landfill Park is a 200 dunam park spanning from Jaffa Port to Aliya hill, and from Ajami Neighborhood to the Mediterranean Sea. Between the years 1970 – 1989, the place became a construction waste dumping site, and large parts of the sea were dried and turned into a landfill. In 2005, the rehabilitation of the landfill began, entailing the recycling and removal of over 1,000,000 tons of waste, to convert the site into a seashore park. The landfill, previously 15 meters high, was lowered, enabling the recreation of a beach.

In the initial stage, Jaffa residents were involved in the process through a comprehensive process of public involvement, and their comments helped consolidate the principles of planning for the park. The key elements of the plan included restoration of the damaged shoreline – creating good access and sea visibility from nearby neighborhoods, topographical design of the area, creating of a park and a promenade, and the reclaiming of the seashore for the residents of Jaffa.

Client: Tel Aviv Jaffa Municipality / Ezra VE Bizaron Corp.
Leading Team: Alisa Braudo ,Ruth Maoz, Shlomit Zilberman
Project Manager: Kemer Ing Ltd.
Contractor: Rolidor Ltd.

Opening year: 2010