The banks of the Yarkon River in Ramat Gan – from Sheva Tahanot to Eser Tahanot - span 3.5 kilometers. Along 1.5 km of these, from Sheva Tahanot to the bus stop opposite Ben Gurion Street, we are promoting a promenade for pedestrians and cyclists. Due to the narrow area, and in order to respond to the needs of the users, part of the promenade will be built as a floating path integrated with observation balconies and seating and activity areas.

The paths from Rokach Street to the promenade will be connected in order to make it accessible to the entire neighborhood and to all visitors.

The promenade leads along the Bet Cahana Museum and the home of the painter Rapoport, and is adjacent to the Museum of Israeli Art.

The Ramat Gan Municipality has recently decided to create a Museum Compound to unite all the museums, while bringing another museum into the area and combining the development with the promendate in order to create a public space that is open and engaging.

The area for the Museum Compound is 10 dunams, adding content and interest to the area.

The project will be executed with the collaboration of the Government Tourism Company and the Museum Compound managed by the Ramat Gan Economic Company.

 Client: Ramat Gan Municipality / Israel Government Turist Corp. Ltd.
Landscape Architecture: Braudo Maoz Landscape Architecture Ltd.
Leading Team: Alisa Braudo Ruth Maoz Yarden Menelzon
Project Manager: Abraham Shwartz