The biodiversity compound is located at the northern part of the Ariel Sharon Park, adjacent to Kofer stream. This compound is an oasis of urban nature, inviting many visitors from different walks of life to enjoy and become acquainted with the wetland habitats.

The place will invite the public to walk inside a natural system of high-quality habitats that allow for the existence of a wealth of biological diversity; visitors are invited to observe a range of flora and fauna on the bed of a winter pool and artificial reservoir, through nooks and observation balconies where unique ecological systems exist. Orchard trees are planted along terraces on the south side of the compound, and in the east there is a winter pool and an area designated for native or local plants.

The compound, which will be a center of attraction in its field, will hold guided group activities, and operate a research and wild bird tracking center with the guidance and collaboration of ecologists from the Society for Protection of Nature in Israel and academia.

Client: Ariel Sharon Park Ltd.
Leading Team: Ruth Maoz, Alisa Braudo, Shlomit Zilberman

Management: Log Ltd.

Opening year: 2018