"Jonathan Trail"- Pedestrian and Cyclist Trail on the Ramat-Gan Bank of The Yarkon River

The bank of the Yarkon River is under the jurisdiction of the RG Municipality, from Seven Flour Mills to ten Flour mills, winding about 3.2 km long.

The "Jonathan Trail", named after the late Jonathan Gross, is a section, from seven Flour mills to Ben Gurion Street and is about 2 km long,

which is an open public space for pedestrians and cyclists and is about 6.5 m wide, with expansions up to 20 m depending on the location.

The development of the promenade changed the whole area, from a place that has been a "backyard" of the city for years, largely impassable, unrecognizable for walkers in the immediate vicinity, into the most livable spot in the city. 

From a desolate and impassable place, it became a bustling public space that connects with the open space of Gan Kahana and the entire city.

Along the Bank of the Yarkon there is now an accessible, safe, and inviting promenade, with spectacular views of the stream, including large and impressive   eucalyptus trees   that overlook large parts of the area.

This   space connects the city and the stream, which were disconnected, and constitutes a connection between Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv, Bnei Brak and allows for a variable activity.

"Spivak Sports Club" was built very close to the riverbank and in order to create continuity to the promenade, a Bamboo Deck was built partially above the stream, It creates a special walking experience on this promenade section. On the Deck there are pleasant seating areas among the eucalyptus trees that appear to grow from the   Deck.

The promenade is accompanied by special signs to commemorate Jonathan Gross's name and combines with directional signs, explanatory signs about the various sites, as well as signs that teach about the flora, fauna, and history of the site.

Client: Ramat-Gan Municipality
Leading Team: Ruth Maoz, Alisa Braudo, Moshe Dali, Yarden Manelson

Management: Avraham Shwartz

Contractor: Yoram Predkin

Signposting and Graphics: "The Industry"
Opening year: 2020